At the University of Nottingham Online, we embrace change and believe learning transforms perspectives, practices, attitudes, and behaviours. Our courses are designed to develop skills and competencies aligned with industry needs. Interactive content, live classes, and learner engagement tools foster these core capabilities.

Our growing range of professional development courses are delivered by leading academics and industry professionals, and designed to help you quickly build in-demand career skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Engage with academic and industry experts in collaborative workshops. Showcase your acquired competencies through portfolio-based assessments. Gain a University of Nottingham Online digital badge and certificate by completing our online courses and stack credits earned towards a university qualification.

Professor Nick Mount, Academic Director of University of Nottingham Online is leading the design, development, and delivery of learning in the University's online education investment.

To gain an understanding of the University of Nottingham Online's strategy and learn how the brand is being created from scratch and innovation, listen to The Brand Education Podcast episode for an insightful overview.

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